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Since we started using PipelineDeals, our cold calls and sales have increased significantly! We're able to monitor our daily calls, deals and upload documents that our team can access anywhere. Our outside reps are managing their deals and leads just as efficiently as our in-house reps because of PipelineDeals. We're very happy with PipelineDeals and you will be too!
Haittam George Greib, Prestige Worldwide Logistics
After reviewing many other CRM solutions, I made the decision to implement PipelineDeals. For our simple sales cycle, it's absolutely perfect. We have an in-house production management product, so this is really only needed for the front end of the sales cycle and does the job to perfection. It helps me stay on track with current deals and neglected customers, plus they don't require an implementation up-front cost like other solutions.
Kevin Zerbe, Whitney Printing
My sales team loves the convenience and ease of use that PipelineDeals brings. It's a great solution for any team seeking an efficient way to organize leads and turn them into sales!
Jennifer Vo, Group ISO
If you like simplicity, affordability and functionality, Pipeline Deals is by far the best CRM solution on the market. I love this product!
Stewart Padveen, Cloops
The beauty of PipelineDeals lies in its simplicity of use. And they show their muscle with how they support their customers.
Rick Stonerook, Concentra
We've been using PipelineDeals for well over a year now and have found it to be a simple yet highly effective tool for managing our sales process. It's an ideal CRM for service-based businesses that focus on fixed-cost 'deals' and low volume transaction-to-client sales ratios.
Ross Beyeler, Growth Spark
I wholeheartedly endorse this product versus others I have tried. Any sales organization that is not currently using PipelineDeals would be wise to try it out.
Peter Byrne, Kassel Painting Limited
PipelineDeals has been a terrific solution for us to manage our worldwide leads and deals. We have been a PipelineDeals customer for over 5 years and have been very satisfied with the overall costs, features, and customer support.
George Chandler, The Shearwater Group
We needed a cost-effective CRM solution with a straightforward feature set and highly intuitive interface that allowed a fast implementation and instant adoption by our team. The customer support is very responsive and we were able to load our existing data quickly, without the need for outside system implementation consultants.
William Mak, Rethink Autism
I spent over two months reviewing dozens of CRMs. When all was said and done, nothing really came close to PipelineDeals. It has everything a sales person needs, without a lot of unnecessary fluff. No other product matched the ease of customization and none were easier to learn to use. The goals feature is in a class by itself. Most important of all, PipelineDeals has the best customer support - hands down. I recommend it to anyone who's living relies on keeping your contacts, deals and appointments organized.
Brian Switzer, Central Payment
We just implemented PipelineDeals and it is amazing how much it has supported us moving our organization WAY forward. Big, big fans!
Krista Johnson, PM Volunteers
PipelineDeals is the perfect solution for any sales team that is looking to hit the ground running. It's fast, easy, and quickly allows me to turn leads into sales. I love it!
Jason Duff, Comstor Outdoor
Thank you for such a great system. We were evaluating CRM-systems like SugarCRM, Microsoft, SuperOffice etc., but none competes with your ease of use and out-of-the-box functionality which fits our needs like a glove!
Espen Holje, eScio
Finally! This it the sales CRM of my dreams. I really like that I can work with all customers quickly without leaving the customers list. is big, expensive and complex. Your product is simple and easy to use. My sales team is happy now.
Vasily Dyachenko, Loyalty Plant
As a semi seasoned implementer of CRM solutions, I must say that I am in awe at the simplicity and ease of use with your solution! I cannot express clearly enough the pure joy of being able to walk through the set up process, customize to my needs, invite fellow testers and begin using the product in less than 2 hours! Just fabulous!
Carol Nordin, Touch Systems
We spent 40 hours evaluating various CRM and sales software solutions. There's a lot of hype out there, but we chose PipelineDeals because it's a cloud solution that works from anywhere on both PCs and Macs; it's very quick to learn; it's focused on the sales pipeline rather than being cluttered with features we don't need; it syncs easily with our Google Apps and Android devices; and it's a great deal. Plus the month-to-month contract puts us as the client in charge – we're free to move on if the software doesn't perform. We've been very happy with both the software and the customer support. 5 stars out of 5.
Victor Mojica, has provided our company with a CRM that is flexible and yet robust enough for our needs. Their customer service group has been very supportive in not only training, but helping us to tailor our Pipeline so that fit our sales team's needs. As they have grown, they have listened to the needs of their users and have strategically improved the CRM and aggressively stay connected to the Pipeline community.
Pat Hallett, Sabah International
Just wanted to let you know that I love your product. Like you, we are growing very quickly so it's very important to us to have the tools in place to manage that growth. We've tried several other services but none that suited exactly what we needed until now. Thanks for a great product and service and best of luck finding your 10th employee.
Mari Westberry, SecureCare Technologies
Thank you JP and Nick. Slick package you've put together. We've already seen an immediate increase in pipeline management with our staff.
Kane McConnell, TerraCore Logistics
Thank you for having such a great CRM. I researched for over 3 years now and went through as many as 20 CRMs before finding you guys. Your product is simple, easy to use and a powerful sales tool. We enjoy using it and it helps us with sales. Keep up the good work and good pricing!
William Scott, BajaSmart Real Estate
I have tried a few off the shelf CRMs and even went as far as getting one custom built. Save yourself the headache and go with PipelineDeals.
Elias Slater, Vicious
I have to tell you, the responsiveness and ease of reaching someone to talk to is outstanding. Admittedly, I don't have much reason to call, but it's unbelievably refreshing when I do and actually have someone answer. Keep it up.

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