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Customer Story

Trailer Bridge streamlines its sales process and expands operations with PipelineDeals

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Trailer Bridge, a leading shipping and logistics firm based in Jacksonville, runs shipments across the Americas backed by one of the largest 53-container fleets in the world.

Ensuring the supply chain flows as smoothly as possible for every customer takes keen organization across its departments that handle ocean, truckload, intermodal, cargo, warehousing and transloading services. As the company grew, the sales team knew they could accelerate that growth but needed a better CRM to do that.

"I used PipelineDeals when I worked at a different transportation and logistics company and from my experience there, I believed it would work for my sales team at Trailer Bridge," said Jeff Vaughn, Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge.

He said he needed to have his sales team engaged with their new CRM software. He envisioned that PipelineDeals would help them work smarter to manage more deals and track opportunities in the best way possible for their hectic yet exciting business.

He was right.

"PipelineDeals is built to work with us in the logistics and transportation industry. We sell multiple service offerings that are a little grey," explained Vaughn. "Migrating to PipelineDeals was simple to do, and I didn't need a significant budget to do it."

Quick Learning Curve

Vaughn said the learning curve was very quick and it took about a month for the Trailer Bridge sales team to learn how to use the app, start managing deals, track engagements with customers - all the while creating a transactional pipeline.

"Within the past year and a half, I can say we are fully engaged in PipelineDeals and now we've got great data tagging and inputting of sources."

The sales team easily learned how to utilize CRM features like Sources and Tags and began segmenting data by sales stages, and created custom fields like transactional pricing, price proposals, rate negotiations, wins, and losses.

Vaughn admitted when his sales representatives used Salesforce they didn't monitor tasks but that has changed. Today, his sales teams have the visibility they need. As a sales manager, Vaughn said he has an easy snapshot of what tasks have been completed and resulted in winning new business.

"Everything is trackable with PipelineDeals. If something becomes a win, we know who worked on that win as a team. There's credit to give. You want to give your sales reps visibility and rewards."

Our usage of PipelineDeals has been curving up dramatically because we are growing. The larger we get, the more we need it. We call it 'living in PipelineDeals.'

— Jeff Vaughn, Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

A CRM for Transportation and Logistics

Vaughn added that PipelineDeals continues to prove to be the ideal, customizable CRM for the transportation and logistics industry.

"In the world of selling freight, there are rapid changes to keep up with. You can win a customer in hours or begin working with a giant company that might take two years to win business. Then there are multiple in between pipelines where a customer might transact in seven days or up to two years."

Vaughn said is isn't uncommon for his salespeople to have 30 to 40 leads and 15 to 20 pipeline accounts.

"Let's face it, no human on their own can realistically manage dozens of leads and multiple pipelines especially if you know how to follow up with your customers correctly. That's what a CRM like PipelineDeals is for."

The Trailer Bridge team not only manages every lead, they have improved operations by 100 percent. Vaughn said he's experienced a substantial uptick in customer activity touches across the sales team. The team also found a way to spend more time to sell.

"We used to have a long, tedious Friday sales call which was repetitive and horrible."

Vaughn says they stopped those sales calls. They simply don't need them any longer.

"We removed that wasteful meeting. Now we use PipelineDeals to communicate, learn, get up to date, and know what actions to take in any situation. We changed our sales culture for the better."

Reaching New Goals

Besides operations, the company reached revenue milestones. To keep up with its growth, the company will open a total of eight new branches within the next year.

Vaughn said PipelineDeals has become the most important tool they use to keep up with their most important asset — 13,000 customers.

"Our usage of PipelineDeals has been curving up dramatically because we are growing. The larger we get, the more we need it. We call it 'living in PipelineDeals.'"

PipelineDeals is built to work with us in the logistics and transportation industry.

— Jeff Vaughn, Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

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