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Customer Story

How Reno Renovations grows their business using PipelineDeals

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Organizing for Growth

Reno Renovations sales have grown by 10% each year for the past two years. "We are growing and growing," says Office Manager Jillian Shuttleworth. "We've had to hire three new staff members since we started with PipelineDeals." The key to growth, says Shuttleworth, is "keeping everyone happy." The company's work involves a lot of details and complicated timelines. In order to preserve time for growing the business, Reno must be extremely efficient in keeping clients, staff, and contractors informed and satisfied. For years, they attempted to do this with one massive Excel spreadsheet, organized by Open, Pending Payment, and Paid deals.

"It was really crazy," she recalls. "Sometimes we'd accidentally delete things or put them in the wrong field. We couldn't run reports. Finally, a new employee did some research and found PipelineDeals. It has made my life so much easier, and clients feel like we're really on top of things."

Easy and Robust Customization

"What really sold us on PipelineDeals was the customer service and realizing that we could customize everything - the colors, the custom fields, the order and names of the stages. We realized this could really work for us, the way we wanted to do our work."

Shuttleworth continues to customize the system on the fly. "I love the capability to add and tweak things in a second. I don't need to go through you guys. It's not complicated."

PipelineDeals has made my life so much easier. Clients feel like we're really on top of things, and we feel confident that we're on top of all our deals. It's been an essential part of our 10% of year-over-year growth.

- Jillian Shuttleworth, Office Manager

Instant Information and Efficient Action

"I have PipelineDeals on my screen all day long," says Shuttleworth. "When our guys in the field call me, I can give them answers instantly. What's the access code for this lockbox? What's the number for that plumber we worked with last year? When is the carpet going to be delivered? There it is!"

Shuttleworth also appreciates the way PipelineDeals Tasks help her team stay on top of business priorities. "Every morning, I start with a quick look at my dashboard, to see the big picture of where all our deals are by stage. Then I follow up with people to resolve overdue tasks before moving on to what's due today."

This is especially valuable when it comes to moving new business forward. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations, but PipelineDeals provides a critical push to follow up on bids that have been submitted and stay on top of long-term client relationships. "We're really happy with PipelineDeals. We've recommended it to friends and other contractors. It's our daily pulse."

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