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Customer Story

How Carolina Thomas accelerates market share growth by quantifying value with PipelineDeals

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Data as a Competitive Advantage

Carolina Thomas engages with customers primarily through mobile teams that travel to customer locations. They use PipelineDeals to track not just sales calls, but every service call, parts visit, and training session.

"It boils down to the ability to inform our customers about what we do with accuracy," says Schaaf. "Our success is based on outworking our competition in every way. PipelineDeals gives us visibility to see what we're doing and remind our customers in very concrete terms."

Schaaf also uses PipelineDeals data to drive continuous improvement. "The first thing I do between 6:15 and 6:30 every morning is go into my starred lists and look for things that are happening where I can provide impetus to get a deal across the finish line or pat someone on the back."

Easy to Use, Easy to Adopt

The company's previous CRM was a cumbersome off-the-shelf product. "Our salespeople had a bad taste from trying to use it for so long," says Schaaf. "They saw CRM as an unnecessary evil."

After an extensive search process, Carolina Thomas selected PipelineDeals primarily because it's so easy to use. "We wanted to really help our people. PipelineDeals is complete enough, but not overblown. It's fine that some CRMs have lots of bells and whistles, but we don't need that, and we don't need to pay for it!"

"Adoption went pretty well from the beginning, and people are really seeing the value now. Our parts and service people use it to log their daily activities. For our salespeople, it's been a valuable tool for them to stay on top of deals and not let anything fall through the cracks."

Frequent engagement with our customers has allowed us to move from 65% market share to 81% market share in the past year. With PipelineDeals, we can show customers exactly what we're doing for them. That's huge for us.

- Tom Schaaf, Vice President and General Manager

Improved Response Time

Because they use PipelineDeals to manage their entire business, not just their sales pipeline, Carolina Thomas enjoys exceptional efficiency benefits.

"If one of our folks is on the road and runs into someone that has a problem, they can make a note in PipelineDeals and tag the proper department immediately. Things that used to take 1-2 days to get everyone on the same page can now be put into action within 20 minutes."

PipelineDeals also enables faster and more effective collaboration around feedback from customers. For example, third party customer surveys can be immediately uploaded, shared, and discussed with relevant team members.

"I'm always telling my people that no matter what you do here, you are a sales representative for this company," says Schaaf. "PipelineDeals helps us keep getting better."

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