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Customer Story

MGECOM celebrates 10 years of growth with PipelineDeals

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Essential Scalability

"Since we started in 2006, we've gone from tracking three or five deals at a time to having a couple hundred prospects in various stages of our sales pipeline at any given time," says MGECOM CEO Matt Enders. "Our messaging, flow, and frequency of touchpoints have certainly evolved over the years, but PipelineDeals keeps us from making missteps, no matter how complex things get." MGECOM relies on PipelineDeals to tell their salespeople what they need to do and when they need to do it. It keeps track of everything in a customized manner, so they never drop the ball on a deal. Best of all, PipelineDeals doesn't break the bank.

"The tracking has to be much more robust than any one person's brain. PipelineDeals gives us scalability. It's full featured and incredibly inexpensive."

Managing Changes and Transitions

Over the years, MGECOM has moved from a spare bedroom to a shared office space to a big office space and finally to a remote environment with team members in multiple states and countries. PipelineDeals has carried the company seamlessly through these changes. "It's the same tool for anyone who logs in from anywhere," says Enders. "Nobody has to be tied to a database, and all of our documentation is readily accessible to everyone who needs it." Moreover, says Enders, PipelineDeals allows MGECOM to manage personnel changes with ease. "When we're getting someone new up and running, we don't even need support documentation. It's so intuitive. A new person can start using PipelineDeals and be comfortable within a day of playing with the interface."

In ten years, we have never considered switching to another CRM. The cost-benefit equation on PipelineDeals is way too heavily skewed toward benefit. It has grown and evolved, but it continues to be a perfect fit for us.

- Matt Enders, CEO of MGECOM

Closing the Deal

"Our greatest challenge is the same as it's always been: getting someone to put their signature on the dotted line," says Enders. "PipelineDeals helps us maximize each opportunity. Our business development team keeps it open in a window whenever they're working. We use it to track every piece of communication we have with every prospect. We love the blind copy feature to automatically dump all our emails with customers into PipelineDeals. It's one of our biggest time savers."

As CEO, Enders stays on top of everything with PipelineDeals' robust reporting features. "On a day to day basis, I can get the 30,000 foot view and see where things are, but when I need to dig in, it's just a matter of a couple decisive clicks to get the specifics that I need."

Overall, Enders says, PipelineDeals has been a perfect fit for his team and continues to get better and better. "I see JP, Nick, and the rest of the PipelineDeals team continuously evolving not only the software, but also the vision behind it - helping customers succeed."

A new person can start using PipelineDeals and be comfortable within a day of playing with the interface.

- Matt Enders, CEO of MGECOM

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