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PipelineDeals is a CRM platform with front line sales professionals in mind. We've built our software with a relentless focus on making information powerful through availability. Make sure you can access client data when you need it most and know that you always have the PipelineDeals team behind you supporting your operation.

PipelineDeals Zoho CRM
Empowered customer care capable of addressing any issue
Consistently poor customer service*
Simple interface build with sales professionals in mind
Interface is cumbersome and disjointed
Designed around maximum customizability to fit diverse sales cycles
Extremely limited in customization options

Your sales team relies on their CRM as their lifeline to mission critical business intelligence and client data. Don't jeopardize their most important asset by inflicting freeware on them. With a streamlined user interface and powerful customization options, PipelineDeals is the preferred CRM solution by the kind of serious sales professionals who don't go home until they ring the bell.

*Comparison from G2 Crowd Reviews.

Built by sales people, for sales people.

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