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Winsupply + PipelineDeals

CRM software that works for Winsupply — because it was built for Winsupply.

Bigger jobs. More repeat business. Increased store profits.

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Guy Pauley

The mobile app allows our outside sales staff instant access to all activities, so they can follow up on important open quotes.

Guy Pauley, M Cooper Winsupply

Bill Summers

PipelineDeals has enabled our staff to save time reporting, while tracking an immense amount of information.

Bill Summers, Winsupply Eden Prairie

Unlike any other CRM out there, because it was BUILT for YOU.

Get FULL visibility into your sales pipeline —

number of bids created, newly won jobs, "stuck" jobs, average deal size, how long opportunities have been sitting around, and more.

Easily track bids —

created, won, lost, loss reason by sales rep, type of job, etc.

Earn a greater share of customer wallet —

use win/loss data to understand buyer behaviors... and leverage those insights with vendors to get better pricing, win more deals, and become a single, one-stop provider for all your customers' jobs.

Create 100% custom sales reports and visual dashboards in minutes —

export data to Excel or Google Sheets to create pivot tables, charts, and graphs with data that's automatically updated, so you're not wasting time recreating reports.

Benefit from best practices of other Winsupply owners —

implement sales training and processes that are extremely effective at other locations.

Free mobile CRM app —

pull up schedules, contacts, work orders, and quotes... anywhere. Talk-to-text feature lets field reps use their voice instead of typing to update records, save notes, and more.

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