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Small Business CRM

We help thousands of small businesses around the world to start, develop and grow their business relationships. PipelineDeals is built to make it easy for small businesses to take actions that drive their success.


Reach and engage new prospects with thoughtful and productive outreach


Figure out who would be a good fit for what you offer and target them with the information they need to make a decision


Manage follow up to maximize the results from the work you put into growing your business


Schedule follow up with clients after they've purchased to be top of mind in the future

Start, Develop and Grow your Business Relationships

Integrate your email so you instantly track all your email communication and understand the complete relationship with your customer. At its core, crm software for small businesses is about organizing customer information and sales activity so that you know what's going on in your business and with your customers.

PipelineDeals Google

Quickly sync your calendar and contacts. Make dashboards in Google Sheets that pull from your PipelineDeals account.

PipelineDeals Performance

Track your sales performance and activity by team and individual. Keep track of your sales pipeline and results.

PipelineDeals Connect

Integrate your email with Connect, PipelineDeals native email integration. Prioritize and manage emails.

PipelineDeals Case Study

Software consultancy 8th Light quickly gets back to creating great software with a lightning fast implementation of PipelineDeals.

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PipelineDeals Case Study

Cornerstone Flooring used PipelineDeals to organize their sales team and cut time to close by 43%.

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For most businesses, defining a structured way of engaging prospects and moving them through the sales process to the point of purchase is one of the single largest determinants of success. CRM software is a critical part of the mix and PipelineDeals is designed to be a flexible and easy to customize CRM to help small businesses see value right away.

Over 4,000 great companies use PipelineDeals to make their sales team more productive.

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