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Uncompromising protection for your data.

The security of our application and your data is our top priority.

We use industry best practices to establish and maintain a secure online experience. And we always remember that your data is your data. We never touch your data without your explicit permission, and we make it easy to export it whenever you want.

Secure connections

Secure connections

When you log into PipelineDeals, you are connected via a 256 bit extended-validation SSL security certificate provided by VeriSign. This type of secure connection is comparable to the online security provided by many major banks and financial institutions. You can verify that you are indeed connected to PipelineDeals via a secure connection. When you're logged in, your browser bar will display either a green bar or a lock icon near the web address.

Secure data

Secure data centers

PipelineDeals data is stored in Amazon Web Services Data Centers. Amazon services are provided in accordance with security best practices both online and offline. Learn more about Amazon's security practices.

Redudant backups

Redundant backups

We back up our entire database every four hours in geographically redundant locations.

Secure authentication

Third-party authentication

PipelineDeals authenticity and security is validated by Verisign, a trusted authority that provides third party verification for websites around the world.

Security questions or concerns?

If you would like to report a security vulnerability, please contact our team by emailing or calling us.

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