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Say yes to software! PipelineDeals vs. Salesforce

You've seen all the reasons why PipelineDeals is a better alternative for most sales teams than Salesforce. But what do we really mean by all the features most sales teams need?

The answer comes down to one core belief that has driven our work for the past seven years:

Sales are made by salespeople – not by software. We believe that overcomplicating your IT can get in the way of growing a sales pipeline. Not only do you face configuration, administration, training, and adoption challenges – you can actually slow down your team and frustrate the sales process with excessive detail. At PipelineDeals, we focus on helping B2B sales teams accomplish their goals with greater speed and efficiency. We limit our feature set to ensure a clean interface that's easy to learn and use. And we deliver focused customization and power to genuinely accelerate time to close.

Here's how PipelineDeals stacks up against Salesforce's Professional sales application, the least expensive option for sales teams of 5 or more users.

Features Salesforce Professional

$65/user/month base price


$29/user/month all-inclusive

Tab Navigation Custom navigation. 24 optional tabs to choose from. 8 permanent tabs that get right to the point.
Customization Over 215 areas of configuration, requiring weeks of planning and fine-tuning. 10 areas of customization, making it easy to define your sales process, lead sources, etc. and get back to selling.
Dashboards Views of user activity and sales data are hidden in a separate tab. Sales dashboards built in to home screen. Choose from 7 charts displaying key pipeline metrics.
Deals/Opportunities Nurture "opportunities" from contact to close. Track emails, documents, and activities. More than 40 data fields and options. Create infinitely complex workflows. Nurture "deals" from contact to close. Track emails, documents, and activities. 12 standard data fields, plus up to 25 custom fields. Standardize processes with templates.
Leads/Contacts Comprehensive contact and lead tracking and management. Slightly more detailed data field options. Comprehensive contact and lead tracking and management. Easily track lead-to-deal conversion and close.
Documents Upload and organize documents. Storage space limited by user and/or group. Upload unlimited documents, and attach them to any lead/contact or deal.
Goal Setting No simple mechanism for setting and tracking internal sales goals. Quickly customize any of 6 common goal types. Create leaderboards to track results and motivate your team.
Forecasting Sales forecasting options include opportunity-based, product-based, and schedule-based. Simple sales forecasting via custom field calculation and custom report. Only use it if you need it.
Reporting Hundreds of reports. Takes time to figure out what you need and then customize. Six standard reports. Easy drag-and-drop interface for creating custom reports.
Social Send company-wide or private messages. Follow colleagues. Create groups. View recent tweets from leads and contacts.
Non-Sales Features Variety of non-sales-specific features for marketing, product inventory management, business intelligence, and customer support. Focused sales CRM platform.

To sum it all up, PipelineDeals delivers what you use, not what you think you might need. We're sales through-and-through, not trying to run your whole business. With PipelineDeals, you can save time and money by focusing 100% of your sales CRM investment on optimizing sales team performance.

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