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Everyday we help 17,000 salespeople be more productive and close more deals. How much are you paying per seat for Salesforce? You can spend much less with PipelineDeals and get all the CRM features you need plus a suite of sales productivity tools like sending trackable emails.

PipelineDeals Salesforce
Starts at $29 per user per month.
Complicated and expensive pricing
Minutes to configure & deploy
Weeks or months to configure & deploy
Quick and easy - all you need to know is your sales process
Labor intensive set-up process often requires outside consultant

Instant gratification for users
Training & adoption challenges
Month-to-month flexibility
One year minimum contract
No charge for mobile access
Pay extra for mobile
No charge for amazing support
Pay extra for support
Unlimited data storage
Data storage limits per user or group
Open API for developers
$720 extra for web-to-leads API
Easy exports - your data is your data
Tedious and limited data exporting
All the features most sales teams need
Tons of features

We went toe-to-toe with the giant to prove that bigger isn't always better - except when it comes to your bottom line.

PipelineDeals is the most efficient and effective way for B2B sales teams to get organized and sell more. We deliver the goal-setting, forecasting, and reporting capabilities that sales managers need, and we make day-to-day sales faster and easier for individual agents. Request a demo »

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