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Sales Productivity

80% of small business owners rank sales process as a critical area for improvement in 2016.

Sales Productivity Metrics

At PipelineDeals, our business revolves around helping to make business better at selling.

We asked small business owners what was on their mind going into 2016 and received some great insight into what businesses are working on to improve their sales productivity.

It turns out that the majority of business owners are trying to figure out how to make their existing teams more productive instead of growing their headcount. This emphasis points to a clear need for small businesses to go further in adopting sales technology to improve the efficiency of their sales team before they try to scale.

Sales Productivity Metrics

Small business can adopt sales technology to see immediate gains in productivity.

In the survey, small business owners confirm what we have believed for a while now. Sales technology is becoming a major source of competitive advantage with huge gains in productivity for those teams that can incorporate it into their sales process.

CRM - Customer relationship management software is critical in helping small businesses own and manage their customer relationships.

With it, sales teams can manage not only their one-on-one relationships, but deals as they move through the sales pipeline. A CRM becomes even more important if your business is account based where successfully maintaining a relationship with your customers is critical to retaining ongoing revenue.

Sales Funnel Productivity
Sales Automations and Productivity

Sales Automations

Sales automation is the process of relying on computer systems to automatically send routine pieces of sales correspondence to free up salespeople to focus on more value added parts of the buying process like delivering presentations. By implementing sales automations tools, businesses can give back time to their sales teams and insure greater accuracy when following up with new leads.

Sales Productivity Chart

Improving productivity in your sales team requires knowing how your sales process works and what steps prospects take in the buying journey. Taking steps to capture customer data during and after the sale is important for every business if its sales team is going to reach its full potential. Additionally, automating key parts of the sales process not only helps salespeople accomplish more in the same amount of time, it helps to standardize the customer experience as they move through the buying process.

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