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PipelineDeals Customers

PipelineDeals Customers

Many of our customers refer us to colleagues and connections with confidence.

Associations & Industry Experts

Associations & Industry Experts

Knowledgeable trade groups who are looking to equip their members to push the industry to the next level.

Sales Consultants

Sales Consultants

Knowledgeable consultants who work with sales teams to build and optimize sales process and identify the tools to get the job done.

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Referral Partner

  • Bring us the lead and get paid when they sign up with PipelineDeals.
  • Refer customers from in PipelineDeals or directly using your custom referral partner link.
  • Refer as many as you can and enjoy unlimited commissions.
  • Average commission is $750 per referral.
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Value Added Reseller

  • Put a proven CRM solution in front of your clients.
  • Own your relationships with another tool in your quiver.
  • Take advantage of resources and training to improve the experience you provide your customers.
  • Enjoy a stable relationship with a long term partner.
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How to get started with referral marketing

PipelineDeals and Ambassador team up to share proven strategies to effectively harness the power of referral marketing.

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