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Customer Support:

Free U.S.-Based Support Team!

Can their off-shore support team feel like an extension of your team?

Scales as your business grows:

Multiple Pipelines

Deal Intelligence

Custom Reporting

Task Automations

Mobile CRM

Could their limitation in scalability prevent your business growth?

Sales pipeline insights:

Custom List Views

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Real-time Status Updates

Are they designed for high volume sales?


Sales Pipeline Visibility

Deal Management

Task Automations

Activity Tracking

Deals Slipping Away Alerts

Free Mobile CRM Access

Can you be sure that you are tracking your customers end-to-end in their customer journey?

Switched from Pipedrive because PipelineDeals supported better communications across our team.

— G2, validated reviewer, May 21, 2019

PipelineDeals Sales Pipeline Management

CRM Tools to Sell Smarter

PipelineDeals prides itself on being the cornerstone of productivity for thousands of sales professionals from around the world. The tools we provide focus on helping salespeople sell first by providing automations and a simple interface to allow them to focus on the most value added tasks.

Improve Organization

Organize your B2B sales team for success using PipelineDeals' custom organizational features that can be easily configured to fit the nuances of your sales pipeline, so you can spend more time building relationships with your prospects.

Feel confident in knowing that you have chosen the best CRM for your business needs today and rest assured that when you grow, it'll grow with you.

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