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Compare PipelineDeals to Pipedrive

PipelineDeals prides itself on being the cornerstone of productivity for thousands of sales professionals from around the world. The tools we provide focus on helping salespeople sell first by providing automations and a simple interface to allow them to focus on the most value added tasks.

PipelineDeals Pipedrive
Customer care is at the center of everything we do
Offshore customer service
Highlight the data you need to see most
User interface becomes clutter in high volume sales environments
List management and custom reporting features allow PipelineDeals to grow with you
Won't scale well as your business grows

Organize your B2B sales team for success using PipelineDeals custom organizational features that can be easily configured to fit the nuances of your sales pipeline. Get the CRM you need today and rest assured that when you grow, it'll grow with you.

Built by sales people, for sales people.

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