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Partner with us and tap into today’s

$40 billion sales CRM software market!

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Nobody knows CRM like PipelineDeals.

And our partner program makes it easy to package your current solutions with industry-leading CRM software — and take your business to the next level.

Maximize your profits

Maximize your profits

Get 25% commission on monthly subscription revenue for every new sign-up, year one.

Add recurring revenue streams

Add recurring revenue streams

Set your own prices and keep 100% of related client services, including data migration and cleansing, and ongoing support.

Expand your customer reach

Expand your customer reach

Meet today’s soaring demand for cloud services as you position yourself as a trusted cloud solutions provider.

Easy to sell. Easy to adopt. Easy to love.

Add PipelineDeals CRM to your current portfolio of products and services and open up your business to the largest and fastest growing software market in the world.

  1. Extremely affordable for any size client you’d like to service — a fraction of the cost of Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  2. Easy integrations with the tools your clients are currently using, including Microsoft Outlook and Excel, and Google Business Apps (Gmail and Google Sheets).

  3. 83% user adoption rate means a steady stream of CRM-related services for you.

  4. Simple for even junior members of your team to get up and running, with an intuitive interface.

  5. Super flexible and customizable, no matter your client’s current sales process.

  6. Easy, one-click reports that turn CRM data into profitable, actionable insights.

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Generate recurring revenue with the best sales CRM on the market.


PipelineDeals is the most widely adopted sales CRM software in the industry. Clients buy it. Use it. And they never stop using it.

And that means steady, recurring revenue for you. When you partner with PipelineDeals, you set in motion a long list of profitable, ongoing revenue streams.

The result of all this recurring revenue: A more predictable cash flow. Stronger customer relationships and better retention as you integrate deeper into their processes. Increased valuation multiples for your business.

A Win-Win-Win: for you, your clients, and the future of your company.

For example, clients will need:

checkmark Your CRM implementation and integration services...

checkmark Your data migration and cleansing services...

checkmark Your ongoing support services...

checkmark Your sales process and playbook consulting services.

Everyone promises “help.” We deliver solutions.

Selling better, together

Selling better, together

Our sales reps partner directly with your sales team to help close more deals. And since our reps earn the same commission through partners and direct sales, you get a teammate you can trust.

Monthly sales training

Monthly sales training

Every month, we offer live webinar sales training to get all your employees up to speed on how to best sell PipelineDeals.

World-class tech support

World-class tech support

You can’t stump our support techs! Every question is fielded by a US-based, PipelineDeals expert with advanced technical product knowledge and a 96% customer satisfaction rating.

The answers you & your clients need, FAST:

Calls answered in 10 seconds

Live chats answered in 20 seconds

Emails responded to in 20 minutes

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