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Onboarding Services

Our Customer Success team offers personalized training and guidance to ensure a successful CRM implementation.

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Onboarding Services

Get up and running in weeks!

A PipelineDeals Customer Success team manager works directly with your team to develop a tailored plan suited to your business goals. Our process is proven to provide faster onboarding and improved adoption.

Onboarding Services includes:

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Data Services:

  • Data mapping.
  • Data import.
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Account setup:

  • Sales pipeline stages.
  • Custom fields.
  • Revenue types.
  • Email, task and activity templates.
  • Workflow automations.
  • Post-sale customer management set-up.
  • User roles & teams set-up.
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  • Admin training.
  • Employee onboarding.
  • Session recordings.
  • 30- and 60-day check-in.
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We will work with you to develop a plan that ensures you success.

Contact a sales team member for pricing.
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Meet the PipelineDeals Customer teams:

PipelineDeals Customer teams

Customer Success and Customer Care Teams

What customers are saying about Onboarding Services:

Suzanne Croisdale, PremCom

It's a big project switching to a different CRM. Onboarding Services figured it out, as opposed to me learning it all first and then making a decision.

— Suzanne Croisdale, PremCom

Erin Anderson, Greg Anderson Painting

The initial training gave me the tools to start building our pipeline right away. I would recommend Onboarding Services to anyone wanting to use PipelineDeals for their business!

— Erin Anderson, Greg Anderson Painting

Tammy Bertrand, WLS

We introduced eight new types of software to our company thanks to our growth. The best service experience has been with PipelineDeals.

— Tammy Bertrand, WLS Companies

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How much do onboarding services typically cost?

Each onboarding is unique. We work with each individual client to understand their needs. Packages can range in price. Contact a sales team member for pricing. Quotes are only based on an implementation approach that best matches a company's requirements.

How have other companies benefited from onboarding services?

Based on years of experience, our Customer Success team has a 100 percent success rate in improving time to launch rate. The personalized assistance from professional CRM experts has lead to a streamlined sales process and a smooth CRM adoption experience.

What are the phases of CRM integration?

Our comprehensive onboarding services ensure a successful roll-out. It's our goal to meet every client's time-to-launch expectations. First, our team maps out your company's goals and CRM needs. During the initial kick off call, a plan is set in place for timely execution of tailored services. Data import, onboarding, and admin and team training follow. Check-ins are also part of the implementation process. VIP services are available upon request.

How long will onboarding take?

Onboarding time varies per implementation. Many factors, from a sales team's prior CRM experience to scheduling, come into play to determine the amount of time needed. Some clients have experienced full onboarding within two weeks. Average onboarding for a SMB typically falls within a month timeframe.

What will a Customer Success Manager help our business with?

Through our onboarding services we help you manage your sales process to optimize your business. That can involve data import services, admin training, team training and personal follow up. Every business is different...

What if I need more sessions after the program ends?

It is our team's goal to ensure PipelineDeals is running the way you need it to. We want to ensure your team has all of the training necessary to thrive. We can plan and schedule more sessions as necessary.

What sets your Success team apart?

The PipelineDeals Customer Success team has years of CRM training and onboarding experience - across a breadth of industries - to offer onboarding packages that make the best use of your time and budget.

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