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Compare PipelineDeals Sales & Account Management to Nimble's Contact Management System

PipelineDeals is a simple integrated CRM that places sales productivity above all else. Our tools focus on increasing available time for selling by automating key parts of the sales pipeline including a native email integration to insure streamlined communication in your sales process

PipelineDeals Nimble CRM
Unlimited data storage for all users at no extra cost
Limited data storage, expensive to upgrade
Fully functional Android and iOS apps as well as a comprehensive mobile experience
No Android, Poor experience on mobile browsers
Robust and customizable deal management features.
Light non customizable deal tracking

Your sales pipeline already relies on your inbox as a critical source of communication. Take advantage PipelineDeals Connect, our native email integration to organize your email around your sales funnel to make sure your team is following up on every opportunity. Tie your sales emails directly to ongoing tasks and deals to capture and organize your full sales process.

Built by sales people, for sales people.

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