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Mobile Business Trends Survey

As a leader in mobile CRM solutions, PipelineDeals conducted a Mobile Business Trends Survey of more than 450 CRM users to assess mobile usage trends.

Mobile Business Trends Survey

When starting the workday, this is the first thing they do:

44% check mobile

check mobile

32% hit snooze

hit snooze

16% drink coffee or eat breakfast


Mobile trend statistics

44% Check their mobile every 15 minutes in the office.

85% Have up to 10 business related apps.

50% Spend 25% to 100% of day in the field.

When working remotely...


say they want to know exactly when clients read emails, download attachments or click on links.


say conversation history is key to have walking into a meeting.


say their CRM is the most important mobile business app they use.
working remote

#1 mobile CRM business task is...


checking email


making phone calls


sharing documents


directions to client meetings
Mobile Business Trends Survey

Today's leading mobile CRM is:

Proactive: Tells you what you need to know.

Easy to Use: A CRM you'll actually use.

Customizable: Changes are easy.

Sales focused: Based on what tasks win deals.

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