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Compare PipelineDeals Sales & Account Management System to Infusionsoft

PipelineDeals is a CRM platform built to help sales teams perform better under pressure. With quick access to critical data and a simple user interface, PipelineDeals is designed from the ground up to be the sales professional's tool of choice. Hit the ground running with PipelineDeals and get back to growing your business.

PipelineDeals Infusionsoft
Streamlined user interface for ease of use
Complicated features don't focus on makes selling easier
Simple and affordable pricing
Expensive and restrictive product packages
Hit the ground running in minutes, not hours
Often requires an outside consultant to set up correctly.

Most CRMs make their profits from complicated rarely used features and the consulting fees attached to helping companies access these features. At PipelineDeals, we prefer to focus on benefits. That's why we've built a CRM with the powerful tools that salespeople need on a daily basis and an interface that lets you use them. Customer relationship management software is the backbone of a sales team. Give them the support they need with PipelineDeals

*Comparison from G2 Crowd Reviews.

Built by sales people, for sales people.

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