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At PipelineDeals, we believe that everyone is involved in the sales process. From accounting to customer service to the sales teams themselves, every member of a company has an impact on the customer experience. That's why we built PipelineDeals. By empowering individuals to serve the customer, we've become the CRM of choice on the front lines of the business world.

PipelineDeals Highrise
With customizations and unlimited storage PipelineDeals grows with you
Does not scale with your business
Sales automation to keep teams productive and efficient
No automations leave sales teams at a productive disadvantage
Company wide emphasis on customer care
Limited support for users

As a foundational tool for your sales team, it's important to pick a CRM that not only empowers team members to serve the client, but will help your company grow. We've created PipelineDeals as an easy to use tool that will sustain your business as it grows and flourishes. Don't jeopardize the performance of your sales team by partnering with a CRM who doesn't take your goals as seriously as you do.

*Comparison from G2 Crowd Reviews.

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