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Zapier integrations

Connect PipelineDeals to hundreds of different apps, including WuFoo, LinkedIn, and Xero. Zapier gives you the ability to extend what you can do with PipelineDeals by providing ease of integration with all your favorite apps. All you need is your PipelineDeals API key and a FREE Zapier account. When combined with our CRM software, Zapier keeps your workflow fast, consistent, and reliable.

Zapier integrations with PipelineDeals

Make Your Sales Activity Even More Effective

No coding required

Connect essential applications with no need to code. PipelineDeals admins allow access to your API key, which is all you need to connect - or set up a "Zap" - with other apps.

Automated tasks

Trigger your PipelineDeals account to send or receive data from your favorite apps when you set up a "Zap". It's easy to set up, and automates your workflow.

Hundreds of apps

Keep all the apps you love, and use Zapier to help them "communicate" with one another. Now, you can connect your PipelineDeals account with hundreds of apps - from social media accounts to accounting software.

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