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  • Sales goals graphic Effortlessly set and track sales goals. Unlike competitors, PipelineDeals offers a simple mechanism for creating and monitoring sales goals. Rally the whole team to accelerate your pipeline and compete to be the best on your team and in your industry.

  • Create sales goals

    Recognize your top performers

    Set sales goals and inspire competition on your team. We make it easy for individuals or teams to set any of six common types of goals: Win more $, Win More Deals, Move Deals Forward, Complete More Tasks, Write More Activities, and Convert More Leads. Measure what matters on your sales team.

  • Sales goals leaderboards

    Keep your sales goals front and center

    Hitting quota is central to the sales profession. Leaderboards track each individual's contribution to a company or team objective. Adding leaderboards to your PipelineDeals Goals Dashboard is a simple but powerful way to create accountability and fuel healthy competition. Know your performance and hit your sales goals.

  • Team sales goals tracking

    Keep your sales team chasing what matters

    Keep your sales team working towards what matters most by setting up team sales goals. Common performance objectives keep your team working together. PipelineDeals helps you maintain momentum by displaying real-time progress on goals based on every action taken by every member of the team.

  • Sales goals leaderboards

    Set standards and drive growth

    Set goals for your sales team and start controlling the direction your company goes. Setting and meeting goals makes the sales team a strategic asset in business growth and product direction. Plan, achieve and grow.

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