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Reports and dashboards

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Reports and Dashboards
  • Gain control of your sales pipeline with advanced visual reporting that will give you powerful insights into your data.

  • One central location for your pipeline

    One central location

    Get insights into your sales pipeline from one centralized location. View a historical account of your pipeline such as won or lost deals, your active pipeline and deal stage status, as well as an all-encompassing account of your activities.

  • Sales forecasting

    Sales forecasting

    Accurately predict your future deals so you can improve sales management. Sales reps can easily understand whether they are on track to meet quota, and managers will be able to gain a visual account of which sales team members they need to work more closely with.

  • Graphical visualization of your sales data

    Identify key business drivers

    View deals at a high level through a graphical visualization of your sales data. Drill down to see a more detailed account of your pipeline and investigate which deals are underlying the data. From there, you'll be able to determine what's contributing to the successes or failures of your deals.

  • Custom comparison charts

    Create custom comparison charts

    Create custom comparison charts so you can compare deals won by sales rep. Break it down one step further and compare the types of deals in your pipeline, custom fields, as well as deals through time.

  • Shareable sales reports

    Shareable sales reports

    Export your sales reports in PipelineDeals. Whether it be visual charts, or the underlying data, you can export the image or a CSV of the data and share it with your team.

  • Create visual dashboards in minutes

    Export data & create visual dashboards in minutes

    Install the new Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets Add In, and export your data in PipelineDeals to create pivot tables, charts, and graphs, with data views that are relevant to your business. Your information will be updated every hour with the latest data in your PipelineDeals account, saving you countless hours recreating the same charts and graphs in order to view your most up-to-date information.

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