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QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integrations

Give your Accounts team early access to sales forecasts, immediately share won deals with them, and generate invoices seamlessly. PipelineDeals keeps sales teams on track, and can provide more accurate financial data, too. Combine sales engagement and customer relationship management in one place. With a QuickBooks and CRM Integration, you can more clearly understand complete customer relationship lifecycles.


Get Paid Faster, Forecast Sales, and Coordinate Your Entire Team

Invoice generation

With QuickBooks integration, you can add new customers using contacts already in your PipelineDeals account. And you can easily generate invoices for contacts attached to closing Deals.

Less effort and less errors

Save time and avoid redundancy. There's no need to edit contacts on both platforms. Instead of double data entry, all edits update in real time across both platforms.

Improved sales forecasts

Make sales forecasts a more integral part of your company's financials with PipelineDeals' advanced insights and reports. Manage invoices, payments, and estimates to accelerate your pipeline.

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