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Outlook Integration

Outlook integration

Keep your Microsoft Outlook email messages, contacts, and calendar events aligned with your PipelineDeals CRM. Instead of creating extra work, this add-on keeps your customer relationship and email efforts on the same page. Automatically share crucial updates with your sales team. Plus, track all communication in one place when you sync contacts, emails, and calendars across both platforms.

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Treat Your Contact Management Like A Sales Asset


Easy onboarding

Choose your Microsoft Outlook contact categories you want to sync with PipelineDeals, this could be existing clients, prospects, or anyone else relevant to the deals in your CRM software.

Everything in one place

Any edits to CRM contacts you make in PipelineDeals will automatically be updated in Outlook in real time, and vice versa. Any emails you send to these contacts will be tracked as an activity in PipelineDeals - making an all-in-one sales, customer relationship, and email tracking solution.

Shared emails

All inbound and outbound emails from contacts synced with PipelineDeals will appear in your PipelineDeals account, for all relevant sales team members to see. Don't worry about messy CCs, BCCs, or forgetting to share crucial updates.

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