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Mobile CRM

Leave your computer, but don’t leave your pipeline.

With PipelineDeals for iOS and Android, you can stay on top of your sales pipeline, manage contacts, and look up customer history or deal details at any time. The app is built around you, designed to provide real-time insights that you need to know to close more deals. With minimal taps, customizable features and mobile-specific functionality enable you to work with the data you need — when you need it.

PipelineDeals mobile CRM

Easy-to-use, sales focused mobile features:

mobile app pipeline

Manage your leads and sales anywhere

Sales doesn’t stop when you leave your desk. Add, access, search, and update leads, contacts, and deals while on the road.

mobile global search

Save time with universal search

Save time by quickly and easily finding People, Companies, and Deals within a single search.

mobile app geolocation

Map your visit with new geolocation features

Easy one-click mapping lets you quickly see where your prospect is located so you can plan your route.

mobile app talk-to-text

Record visits with your voice

No more need to type in your updates. Use talk-to-text to record activities to capture outcomes from your activities in the field.

mobile app pipeline notifications

Get real-time pipeline notifications

Get alerted on your phone when someone mentions you on an lead, contact, or ongoing deal. Stay up-to-date with recently won / lost deals, stage changes, and more.

mobile app agenda

Manage task and calendars

Add, update, and access your calendar. Update, access, communicate, and map navigation to contacts and leads you’ve recently interacted with.

Unlimited free mobile CRM access for all users. Download today:

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