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Lead management

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  • Manage your leads Use PipelineDeals to manage your leads from first contact to purchase. Your CRM is essential to managing your leads as they enter and progress through your sales pipeline. Use PipelineDeals to organize and pursue your leads for maximum yield. At PipelineDeals, leads that are not followed up on make us sad. Join us in leaving no lead untouched.

  • Contact/lead management

    Relationships move the sale forward

    Build strong relationships with all of the contacts associated with a lead, from the gatekeeper to the decision maker. Maximize your effectiveness at managing relationships to move the lead forward through the sales pipeline.

  • Lead source assignment

    Know where your best leads come from

    Manage and understand your lead sources. Tag individual leads by where they came from to understand how different channels are producing for your company. Segment by lead source to tailor your sales communication for different channels.

  • Lead owner assignment

    Manage leads across your sales team

    Delegate and collaborate across the entire sales team. Know exactly how each team member is working with each lead to help move the sales forward. Avoid redundancy and error causing miscommunication in your sales forecasts.

  • Lead status assignment

    Improve results across the entire sales funnel

    PipelineDeals highlights new leads and provides customizable status tracking to know where each lead is in the sales process. Follow each lead to see that it's being moved forwards becoming a customer. Attach notes and schedule events right in the lead record. The result is rapid lead qualification and optimal lead conversion.

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