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Get ready for a seamless transition. From Gmail to QuickBooks, PipelineDeals integrates with popular email providers, marketing, and sales software. So don't think of a new CRM platform as changing your process, think of it as streamlining it. Save yourself more time and effort, and even discover a new app or two.

Easy Integrations

Google Apps

Sync your Google Contacts and Calendar with your PipelineDeals Contacts and Calendar.


Connect PipelineDeals contacts with email marketing campaigns in your Mailchimp account.


Keep your Outlook email messages, contacts, and calendar events aligned with your PipelineDeals CRM.


Export your leads and deals on demand to create custom dashboards for reporting.


Give your accounts team early access to sales forecasts, share won deals with them, and generate invoices.


Connect PipelineDeals to hundreds of different apps, including WuFoo, LinkedIn, and Xero.


Manage your contacts better by scanning, finding, and eliminating duplicate entries.


Instantly send price quotes, estimates, and invoices from PipelineDeals when you move a deal forward.

Help Scout

Sync details from your customer's profile to their Help Scout profile for enhanced customer experience.


Log into your PipelineDeals account automatically, without typing usernames and passwords.


Transfer your live chat transcripts and offline messages to your PipelineDeals account.


Import and segment your PipelineDeals contacts to send automated marketing emails or manual email broadcasts.


Automate your initial data import from other CRMs, such as Zoho, Sugar, or Highrise.


Protect your CRM - all user and client data - with state of the art security standards.

Bedrock Data

Connect the data between your CRM and other essential business apps in marketing, finance, and operations.

123 Form Builder

Automatically import user-submitted data from forms on your website as leads in your PipelineDeals account.


Sync PipelineDeals data with WebMerge and generate quotes, contracts, and more documents.


Seamlessly connect your accounts: Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Outlook, Office 365, and more.


Align your sales and marketing teams by integrating your PipelineDeals account with this marketing automation platform.


Use CallRail to capture all your phone conversations with leads and customers, and attach notes to your PipelineDeals account.


Log all sales calls with this enterprise phone service, through a two-way integration with PipelineDeals.

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