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Reach and organize your clients

PipelineDeals is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one simple app.

Segment and reach your clients through targeted email campaigns with the PipelineDeals ininbox integration. Design and create campaigns that speak to your customers and deliver them to their inbox at the right moment.

  • Advanced and intuitive email marketing features
  • Create highly targeted lists of customers and prospects
  • Automatically send emails when customers reach important milestones.

Get your business growth strategy moving in the right direction by making sure the tools your sales and marketing teams utilize every day are integrated and intuitive to use. The PipelineDeals ininbox integration provides a robust set of tools to make sure that your marketers and sales team are pulling in the same direction. Robust contact management features and email marketing capabilities that draw information directly from your CRM and automatically record all client contact put your team on the same page.

For more information on getting started with Ininbox, visit their website.

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