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Google Apps Integration

Google Apps integrations

Sync your Google contacts, Gmail, and Google calendar with leads, deals, and tasks in your pipeline. Cut your data entry in half. There's no need to update details in two different apps - update once, update everywhere. As a Google For Work Premier Partner, our CRM can help you manage the places you need to be and the people you need to communicate with, in an app you already know.

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Integrate With Google Apps to Simplify Your Work Day

One true calendar

Sync your events and contacts across both platforms when you integrate with Google apps. Eliminate duplication, confusion, and extra work between your calendar and CRM. Spend more time winning business and closing deals.

Easy Gmail management

Import relevant Gmail contact lists, and add new contacts as needed. When you integrate with G-suite, any emails associated with a lead or Deal will automatically be tracked in PipelineDeals, and shared with relevant sales team members.

Event reminders

Get event reminders on your PipelineDeals homepage plus optional text message reminders. Stay on top of upcoming meetings and to-do tasks while you work on building customer relationships.

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