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Make Your Data A Sales Asset By Integrating PipelineDeals With Excel

PipelineDeals is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one simple app.

The PipelineDeals Excel integration allows you to quickly manage and refresh data in an easy to use format.

  • Import and Export filtered lists of contacts
  • Easily refresh data for near real-time results
  • Create custom graphs and tables to provide custom reporting
Excel integration

Modern sales and marketing produce a lot of data. If used right, all this information can be a huge benefit to an organization looking to better manage its customers, but working with the data to produce usable insights can be a challenge even for the analytically minded. By integrating PipelineDeals with Excel, you can create custom reports and mine your data for deep insights into your customers.

Learn more with our Excel Tutorial for integrating with PipelineDeals.

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