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Deal tracking

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  • Deal graphic Close more deals more efficiently. PipelineDeals organizes everything you need to know about each deal, helping you and your team accomplish more. Closing deals is what salespeople do. At PipelineDeals we make everything about creating and working with deals as easy as possible so your team has more time to sell.

  • Deal activities

    Monitor deal activity

    With PipelineDeals, you can customize deal stages to match workflow and sales process. Follow all your deals as they move through your pipeline. You'll always know how close you are to winning.

  • Deal activity form

    Track deal activity

    Keep a running log of every action your team takes toward closing a deal and anything else that impacts your sales efforts. Manage all correspondence related to a deal across multiple contacts including notes, interactions and email.

  • Deal activity templates

    Standardize a common sales process

    Save time and improve results with customizable deal templates. A template consists of a list of tasks with flexible timeframes. If you specify a default template, all tasks will be automatically added to each deal. Deal templates make it easy to encourage best practices across your entire team and ensure a consistent customer experience.

  • Deal tasks

    Stay one step ahead

    Add tasks and events to individual deals and PipelineDeals will organize them with all your other priorities to keep your most value added activities front and center. Current tasks and events for all deals are displayed on your homepage, so you always know what needs to get done next.

  • Track outbound email

    Track and categorize emails

    With PipelineDeals native email integration, Connect, you can track and categorize emails that are associated with deals for maximum visibility into your sales pipeline. Maintain a complete record of your sales correspondence and when and how prospects are engaging with your emails.

  • Add account details by simple email association

    Forward any communication

    Copy PipelineDeals into email correspondence and automatically add your emails to the deal records so that any member of your team who touches the customer is able to quickly leave a record associated with the deal.

  • Save attachments from email

    Save document attachments

    When you BCC your PipelineDeals account on an outbound email, PipelineDeals saves a copy of any documents attached to that email. These documents, like the email message, are automatically associated with the correct deal and contact or lead record.

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