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Capture Client Data In Your CRM From Your Web Forms

PipelineDeals is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one simple app.

Easily create HTML web forms for your website and landing pages and import the data directly to your CRM using the PipelineDeals 123 Contact Form integration.

  • Quickly create web forms to handle lead capture, event registration and surveys.
  • Import captured data directly to PipelineDeals in a consistent format.
  • Automate data collection for marketing campaigns that'll scale.
123 Contact Form

The PipelineDeals 123 Contact Form integration allows for the seamless transfer of client data from your website and landing pages to your PipelineDeals CRM. Capture the information clients give you in surveys, lead forms and event registrations in a format that your sales and marketing teams can work with. 123 Contact Form provides an easy to use interface to quickly produce customer forms without requiring time intensive HTML coding. Once created, easily integrate your forms with online security features, analytics and, PipelineDeals.

For more information on getting started with 123 Contact Form, visit their website.

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