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  • The PipelineDeals CRM is build in support of the customer relationships that make business possible. Build strong relationships with your business contacts whether they are actively a customer or you hope they'll become one sometime soon. By managing relationships first with PipelineDeals, our customers are able to create a lasting source of competitive advantage for their companies.

  • One place for your business relationships

    One place for your business relationships

    Control your customer list. PipelineDeals makes it easy to import your contact lists from virtually any source to make sure your sales team is able to operate from one simple and effective platform. Organize your relationships in PipelineDeals.

  • Clean data means better selling

    Clean data means better selling

    Don't hobble your salespeople with inaccurate or duplicate data. Quickly clean your customers lists to eliminate duplication and ensure that your sales team is reading from the same playbook on the accounts they're working with.

  • Manage contacts across an account

    Manage contacts across an account

    Sales today can be complicated with multiple relationships needing managing across your accounts. Develop and maintain relationships from the gatekeeper to the decision maker like a pro with PipelineDeals account management.

  • Exceed expectations

    Exceed expectations

    Use PipelineDeals to set specific tasks and events to follow up with individual contacts. Different stakeholders need different things to move a deal forward. Make sure they're getting what they need by managing each relationship individually and as part of the deal.

Delight your customers by managing your contacts like they're real people.

Built by sales people, for sales people.

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