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  • Connect sales pipeline with email intelligence Connect is a complete email integration solution to help salespeople maximize productivity and deepen customer relationships in one easy-to-use system. Sync your Google Apps, Outlook, and other IMAP email services to send and receive your communication directly in PipelineDeals.

  • Capture your sales communications

    Capture your sales communications in your CRM

    Sync your email with Connect and capture all your communication with leads and prospects directly into PipelineDeals. Track inbound and outbound email, and pull in your historical correspondence when you create a new lead to get the full history.

  • Your email inbox optimized

    Your email inbox optimized for your sales pipeline

    The typical inbox is full of distractions. Connect let's you filter email correspondence and optimize what you're viewing. You'll always have your sales emails top of mind.

  • Get insights

    Get insights into your most valuable sales communication

    Connect your ongoing deals and tasks to email to prioritize and contact the right person at the right time. See the value of your deals, the stage in your pipeline, and ongoing tasks related to email correspondence directly in your email.

  • Never forget to follow-up with leads

    Never forget to follow-up with leads as they move through your sales funnel

    Easily create follow-up tasks or start a new deal directly from your email. With Connect, you'll always know which actions to take next to take with your prospects.

  • Standardize email for your team

    Standardize email for your team

    Sales managers can create team templates and share them with the team. Take your most successful emails and improve the quality of email across the entire team.

  • Supported Mail Providers

    The PipelineDeals Connect Inbox supports Gmail as well as Microsoft Exchange (including Outlook, Office 365,, and ActiveSync). Microsoft Exchange emails do need to be cloud based however. Connect is not compatible with on site servers.

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