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  • Automated actions robot Increase your pipeline velocity with PipelineDeals sales automations. Create workflows to support your sales pipeline from lead to close. Add efficiencies to your sales activity to free up time for selling and engage your leads across multiple channels for greater success. Allow your sales team to focus on their most value added activities by instantly checking tasks, sending notifications, and updating fields as leads move through the sales pipeline.

    Sales automations are the future of the sales profession. Veteran sales teams backed by advanced software to automate the work that slows salespeople down. Augment your sales productivity with PipelineDeals sales automation.

  • Automated pipeline

    See Your Sales Pipeline from start to finish

    Sales is challenging enough without having visibility into your sales pipeline. Let PipelineDeals facilitate your sales process by automatically assigning tasks and updating leads as they move through the sales pipeline.

  • Automated notifications

    Ring the bell and tell the team

    Winning matters. Make sure the right people know. Using PipelineDeals automated actions will instantly notify sales managers and other team members when you reel in the 'big one'. Communicate across teams when deals are closed, milestones are reached and more.

  • Automated templates

    Keep your sales team on track by automatically prompting the next action on a deal

    Salespeople are balancing a lot in their day. We have your back by letting you know the best action that you should take at each stage in your process. Help your sales team move sales forward and provide a consistent customer experience. Never miss a step in your sales process again!

  • Automated results

    Save time and increase accountability in your sales results

    The more time salespeople spend working with customers, the better managers reports look. Get salesperson level accountability without taking them out of the field. Keep your sales team focused on selling and less time wondering what to do next.

  • Automated management

    Supports recurring revenue models and account management

    Account expansion is the holy grail of revenue generation and PipelineDeals will help you manage it. Traditional sales programs struggle to support recurring revenue models. Use sales automations to instantly create a new deal when a recurring deal closes.

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