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ActiveDEMAND Integration

ActiveDEMAND integrations

Optimize every lead in your sales pipeline and maximize all your marketing efforts. Integrate PipelineDeals CRM with ActiveDEMAND's powerful marketing automation platform to accelerate sales. The "power platform" communicates with your CRM to move prospects through your sales funnel, automate deal progression, and seamlessly adjust drip campaigns. Leads are automatically ported, scored, and distributed via email to your sales team, to be claimed with just one click of a button.

Accelerate Sales With a Powerful Marketing Automation Platform

Automate deal stage progression

Control sales automation, email lists, and lead processing. Switch drip email campaigns based on deal stage or custom field changes or hold-ups, so you don't miss an opportunity. Utilize autoresponders, web forms, surveys, templates, call tracking, and more.

Configure ideal workflows

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Configure workflows to move prospects swiftly through the sales funnel. View every campaign email opened or clicked.

Make the connection

Track outbound calls with ActiveDEMAND and click to call your prospects from within PipelineDeals. Because the one thing that can't be automated is the actual sales call.

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