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Account customization

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  • Account customization graphic Customize your account to fit your business. PipelineDeals offers plenty of flexibility to support your unique sales process and gather critical information. You can even customize the appearance of the software to support your brand.

  • Customized deal stages

    Customize deal stages

    Deal stages are the basic steps in your sales process that you want to manage and track for all deals. Default deal stages are Qualified Lead, Proposal, Contract, and Signed. You can customize these deal stages and associated sales probabilities to suit your existing sales process.

  • Customzed colors and logo

    Add your logo and modify colors

    You can quickly modify the entire PipelineDeals interface to match your company brand colors – or any colors you like. You can also replace the PipelineDeals logo in the top left with your own logo or company name.

  • Custom fields for deals, people, and companies

    Define custom fields and activity categories

    We offer the flexibility to capture any type of data that is useful to your business with up to 25 custom fields. These fields will automatically appear on every deal page. Custom activity categories are another way to keep track of specific actions take on a deal, person or company.

  • Customized user access controls and permissions

    Control user access and roles

    PipelineDeals uses a simple structure to allow administrators to decide what users can see and do within the application. Simply choose a role level for each user and apply appropriate permissions. Only Executives can view all deals, contacts and leads without restriction.

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