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  • Deal graphic PipelineDeals sales acceleration toolkit is built for sales professionals by sales professionals. Get the insight that you need to know when to follow-up and accelerate your sales cycle.

  • Deal activities

    Send trackable emails

    PipelineDeals lets you send trackable email to your contacts and leads. Know immediately when your lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment.

  • Deal activity form

    Launch email campaigns for sales

    Use CRM filters to target and send emails to a group. Simple mail merge options make it easy to personalize your message.

  • Deal activity templates

    Analyze the success of communication

    PipelineDeals helps you understand which emails are successful. Use report analytics to know which emails are opened and what actions are taken.

  • Deal tasks

    Get the full picture

    Track all your email messages, opens, clicks, and downloads automatically as activities in PipelineDeals. You'll know who to advance through your pipeline and when to contact them.

  • Track outbound email

    Standardize email for your team

    Sales managers can create team templates and share them with the team. Take your most successful emails and improve the quality of email across the entire team.

Built by sales people, for sales people.

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