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Customer Story

How SunX Solar doubled their revenue with PipelineDeals

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From Spreadsheets to Seamless Communication

SunX Solar is a residential solar sales and service company serving San Diego and southern California. Before PipelineDeals, they struggled with an inefficient system of paper service sheets and Excel spreadsheets. "We kept losing track," says Stifle.

Now all of SunX's salespeople and service techs use tablets to add estimates and notes.

PipelineDeals wherever they are - even working from home or on a job site. This has completely eliminated snags in the sales pipeline, says Stifle. "When the customer calls back, anybody can see what's going on and turn it into a sale."

Big Savings with Smart Email

"We couldn't do mass emails in the past because we weren't requiring email addresses," Stifle recalls ruefully. "Now it's one of the required tabs when we add a new customer to PipelineDeals."

SunX has been able to save over $20,000 in annual marketing costs by replacing direct mail with trackable email campaigns using PipelineDeals' Grow plan.

"Everyone is just crazy over being able to track emails," says Stifle. "It really motivates our sales guys to follow up. They get an alert that Mr. Brown opened our proposal at 12:30, and they're prompted to call that afternoon and see if he's ready to close."

We've doubled our revenue since we started using PipelineDeals. It put everyone on the same page and allowed our company to work seamlessly. And that has allowed us to grow as a company.

- Dan Stifle, Partner, SunX Solar Systems

Up and Running Quickly

When he first started looking for a CRM, Stifle considered Salesforce and SugarCRM, but balked at the major up-front investment. "You have to pay a computer programmer several thousand dollars to set it up!"

PipelineDeals, by contrast, is a "ready to drive" cloud-based solution that SunX could easily tailor to their company's needs. And because PipelineDeals is always improving, SunX doesn't need to upgrade their CRM as their business grows. They can just add users.

A Discovery Worth Sharing

Stifle and his business partners have now implemented PipelineDeals at three more companies - additional territories in Australia and Arizona that they operate for a major solar brand. "I take all the credit for discovering it," says Stifle. "I'm Pipeline's biggest advocate!"

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