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Customize your PipelineDeals solution in between sales calls.

Some competing CRM solutions take weeks or months to configure. Companies often have to hire outside consultants to figure out all the details.

PipelineDeals is different. You can complete our streamlined set-up process in minutes and get back to selling. Many of our customers have deployed PipelineDeals and moved all their salespeople onto it the very same day.

Sales team roles

Customize PipelineDeals to match your sales organization by assigning one of three roles to each team member: Executive, Manager, and Basic. This simple hierarchy ensures appropriate data access. Executives see everything, Managers see data from everyone on their team, and Basic users see only their own data. Sales managers can also choose to make contact data public (everyone in the company shares contact data) or private (only owners of data and team members they have shared with).

Colors and branding

Make PipelineDeals your very own by uploading your company's logo and colors. Give your CRM the look and feel of an internal company app.

Deal stages

Create custom deal stages to exactly match your company's sales process. Put the deal stages in the right order and assign a probability metric to each stage.

Custom fields

Track information that is important to your business. In addition to standard default fields, you can create up to 75 custom fields in your account. That's 25 custom fields each for Companies, Deals and People. You can go even further by sorting and filtering based on these fields. Field types include Number, Text, Currency, Dropdown, Picklist, Forecast, Date and more.

Activity categories

Want to know who did what and when? Set up custom activity categories and make it easy for team members to log all their activities. Then you can track activities that which are most important to your business and track them over time by sales rep, sales team or company-wide.

Person Statuses

Need a way to qualify a lead before making it a deal? Well that is a perfect use case for person statuses (or is it statusi?). Customize your lead qualification and lead nurture processes with individual person statuses which will make sure you and your team don't miss any sales opportunity.

To-do templates

Sales teams can only scale with a standard process and our to-do templates give you just that. Create a common template of time driven tasks and events for when a lead or deal is added to your sales pipeline. This will make sure your sales reps calendars light up with a clear list of things to do for each and every lead or deal. Never miss another follow up call.

Person tags

Tag they're it! Tags allow you to create custom groups of people into whatever category has meaning to you and your sales team. Let's say you are talking to customers and want to keep track of which ones are attending the next trade show, just create a tag like "Trade Show 2014" and voila you will build a list of who is going to the show and can reach out to them before the show or follow-up after.

Lead sources

Leads come from all different sources. By creating and assigning lead sources to new leads you can see which lead generation campaigns are resulting in the most closed deals and revenue. Lead sources help you take the guesswork out of your marketing spend.

Task and event types

Task and event types help you categorize those things you and your team schedule into your calendar. Focus your sales team's energy by creating a standard set of task and event types across your account. Common task and event types include: call, appointment, todo, product demo, promotional event, and follow up.

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