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CRM for Wholesalers and Distributors

Cultivate client connections with customer relationship management software (CRM) from PipelineDeals. Our CRM solution is easy for wholesaler and distributor business owners to implement, simple for your employees to learn, and fully customizable to your unique business needs. We know your wholesale and distribution business will benefit from our CRM software — you and your employees will love its simplicity, and your customers will appreciate the personalized support and attentive service you provide.

We know that as a wholesaler and distributor, you have unique requirements, and you must also understand each client's every need. New and returning clients expect seamless support, no matter which member of your team they're working with. PipelineDeals' CRM for wholesale and distribution allows every member of your staff to be on the same page — track conversation histories, deal progress, and communications.

Plus, our mobile app keeps you connected with detailed reports and up-to-the-minute status updates on every client, no matter where you are.

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CRM for Wholesale and Distribution industry

Follow more leads. Land more customers. Enjoy increased revenue.

Get up and running fast, within 48 hours. PipelineDeals' CRM is easy to use and install. And it's affordable — licenses cost only $1.10 per person per day.

CRM customer profile for Wholesale and Distribution

Improve sales and track more leads with PipelineDeals by your side.

Easy adoption —

Get PipelineDeals up and running for your entire team in 24 hours. Our intuitive software is easy for everyone on your team to learn and implement. Depending on your needs, you can watch a live demo or get complete onboarding help. Plus, you'll always have our amazing customer support by your side whenever you need a helping hand.

Seamless collaboration —

Even if your team members spend time out of the office chasing leads, you'll know exactly what they're up to. Every time a client file is updated or a lead moves further through your funnel, it's shared across your team. Project management has never been simpler.

Track marketing —

Real-time reporting allows you to see what's working and what's not for every client. Use priority lists to target cool leads and keep track of every point of contact with leads and clients. Detailed reports give you insights and keep you on track.

Improve relationships —

Keep track of customers, vendors and the rest of your supply chain in one location. Save contact details, set communication reminders, and manage your relationships effortlessly.

Crystal McLoughlin, Corporate Sales Manager at PACE

When I first started, PACE was a 6-million-dollar company. This last year we hit the 100-million-dollar mark. So, we've had exponential growth over a five-year span.

— Crystal McLoughlin, Corporate Sales Manager at PACE

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Manage contracts and boost sales — all in one place.

Set user permission —

Assign permissions to team members to set what they can see and do within accounts. Only users with Executive permission can access and change all activity across the platform.

Visualize the pipeline —

Gain insight into your sales processes, so you can make better decisions and close more sales. See patterns and peaks, and monitor each client to provide better service.

Documents and notes —

Upload important documents and attach notes to your contacts, such as job titles, driving directions, and any unique attributes. Instead of making mistakes or relying on your memory for accurate numbers, trust PipelineDeals to be your assistant.

Email integration —

Sync your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail account with PipelineDeals, so you can keep important messages in the same place you track bids, contracts, and client information.

Mobile CRM for Wholesale and Distribution industry

Ready to win more bids? You don't have to take our word for it.

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