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CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Customer relationship management software is the best way to get ahead of your competition and win more jobs. At PipelineDeals, we understand it isn't always easy to adopt new software. We guarantee your team will love the simplicity of PipelineDeals, and your contacts will appreciate your business at its best.

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CRM for Manufacturing industry

Manage clients. Win more jobs. Double revenue.

Go live within 48 hours. Zero engineering resources required. Only $1.10 per salesperson per day!

CRM customer profile for Manufacturing

Build a customer-centric sales process as streamlined as your production process.

Easy adoption

Get PipelineDeals up and running within 48 hours. It's simple and intuitive enough for everyone on your team. You can watch a live demo, and get complete onboarding help, followed by our unbeatable customer support. With PipelineDeals you're never on your own.

Building relationships

Keep track of all customers, vendors, dealers, and contacts in distribution networks. Save their details, and easily manage the relationship with reminders to follow up and key details attached to their profiles.

Better communication

Sync your email with PipelineDeals so all of your communication is in one place. Details will automatically update for everyone assigned to that job. Share up-to-date and accurate estimates between sales and operations teams.

Marco Kristen, Marketing Director at TENMAT

Implementing PipelineDeals was super quick. It was easy for our sales team to learn.

— Marco Kristen, Marketing Director at TENMAT

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A simple way for sales managers to plan and boost sales.

User permissions

Assign permissions for your team members to set what they can see and do within their accounts. Only those set with Executive permission (managers) can view all sales activity, clients, and bids across the company.

Accurate sales forecasts

Save money and time using insights from tracking reports. Make more accurate sales projections in the future by easily seeing buying patterns, peaks, and down times.

More wins

Easily save details for new contacts, get notifications for bids slipping through the cracks, and reminders to follow up with quotes. PipelineDeals helps you impress future clients with speed, attention, and accuracy.

Mobile CRM for Manufacturing

Ready to win more bids? You don't have to take our word for it.


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