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Get your lead and client management in line

Get your lead and client management in line

Separate yourself from the competition by building and maintaining business relationships.

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Centralize information to maximize visibility and creativity across teams.

Forecast your performance

Forecast your performance

Glean insights into the performance of your business and plan for the future.

See what PipelineDeals is doing to help agencies manage their clients.

Matt Enders, CEO of MGECOM

In ten years, we have never considered switching to another CRM. The cost-benefit equation on PipelineDeals is way too heavily skewed toward benefit. It has grown and evolved, but it continues to be a perfect fit for us. Read case study.

— Matt Enders, CEO of MGECOM

Margaret Pagel, 8th Light VP of Sales and Marketing

PipelineDeals is simple, clear, and concise. It's not bogged down with a lot of extra noise. It was very difficult to get compliance with previous tools. Now we're capturing all the information we need in one system that's easy to access. That in and of itself is transformative. Read case study.

— Margaret Pagel, 8th Light VP of Sales and Marketing

Craig Wishner, Global Business Director at Wire Stone Digital Marketing

From a personal perspective, PipelineDeals gives me what I need to be successful in my journey when starting out my day - it really just gets things at my fingertips and makes my life a lot easier. Read case study.

— Craig Wishner, Global Business Director at Wire Stone Digital Marketing

From Client to BFF's

5 Ways CRMs can boost your client happiness and agency profits.

Digital Marketing agency, SeoTuners, customized their PipelineDeals to get a unique experience.

Read about how they use the product.

Wire Stone Digital Marketing Finds Success With PipelineDeals

Wire Stone Digital Marketing takes their daily activity up a notch by taking full advantage of PipelineDeals.

We built PipelineDeals as a powerful tool to unify agencies and help put customers at the center of marketing services.

Our CRM is designed to help teams collaborate in delivering great work to customers. Using a suite of powerful tools, we give media professionals the ability to reach and engage customers.

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  • Keep track of the accounts that you're pursuing.

    Track leads as they move through the sales funnel from marketing qualified to sales engaged. Manage new business volume, velocity and lead source with easy to use reporting.

  • Start the day on the same page.

    Every morning PipelineDeals sends the Morning Coffee Report to your email inbox. This report gives a snapshot of vital information such as deals in the pipeline and leads that need to be pursued. Break down the silos and keep communication flowing across your team.

  • Manage everything in one place.

    Track new business as it grows from individual contacts to deals and finally into customers. Know where deals are coming from and what the end result is. Consolidate all correspondence, sales activity, and documents associated with a client in one place.

$ 25
/month per person
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A CRM that empowers smaller teams to manage leads effectively.

$ 33
/month per person
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Accelerate real growth through customer relationship features and project management.

$ 49
/month per person
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Automate processes and use advanced analytics and email solutions to help your business grow.

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