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Our Seattle based team helps construction companies and suppliers win more bids and jobs from new and existing clients. For faster service, call +1 (866) 702-7303.

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CRM for Construction industry

Manage bids. Win more jobs. Double revenue.

Go live within 48 hours — zero engineering resources required. Only $1.10 per salesperson per day!

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General contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers can:

Manage relationships, track bids & jobs.

Find out how many new jobs you have at each stage of your sales process. See how many bids submitted, which jobs are stuck, and what’s scheduled to close each month.

Keep salespeople focused.

Create, save, and share the exact list of accounts, companies, and jobs employees should focus on. Increase employee productivity and ensure they hit their sales quota.

Stay on top of deadlines.

Manage key deliverables with customers using milestones to track the details, status, and deadlines for delivery of services, and more. Win more repeat business.

We've doubled our revenue since we started using PipelineDeals. It put everyone on the same page and allowed our company to work seamlessly.

— Dan Stifle, SunX Solar Systems

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Improving sales on and off the job site:

Access data anytime, anywhere.

Get a free iPhone and Android mobile app and access important information about customers, jobs, and bids submitted while at a job site, visiting clients, or at the office.

Create any report in minutes.

Use Excel and Google Sheets plugins to turn data into timely insights. Create visual dashboards, charts, and graphs — refresh data with one click.

Avoid interruptions to your business.

Get free U.S. based technical support for any CRM issue. Calls are answered in 10 seconds and emails in 20 minutes. 96% customer satisfaction rating.

Mobile CRM for Construction

Our construction agents are here to serve you!

We're on a mission to help construction salespeople, account managers, and bid estimators build game-changing relationships so that they win more projects and jobs.

Meet our Director of Sales: David Smart!

Q: What is the secret ingredient for construction company sales teams that hit quota every month?

A: Companies that hit their sales goals know their numbers. They know exactly where deals are getting stuck and how to solve that problem. Spreadsheets are not the answer to stay competitive in the construction industry. A CRM that can help make life easier to understand the numbers is a proven game changer.

Q: What does it take to build a profitable sales pipeline?

A: Having an easy-to-use CRM is the first step. Sales managers effectively lead with real-time access to sales data instead of relying on a gut feeling.

Q: How do I get a buy-in from my sales team to move from spreadsheets or another CRM to PipelineDeals?

A: PipelineDeals picks up where Excel leaves off. It’s familiar to Excel but more powerful and the learning curve is low. Our training helps salespeople get going and excited about selling. To back that up, PipelineDeals continues to be the most adopted CRM in the industry with an adoption rate of 83% (validated by G2 Crowd).

Q: I’m afraid of downtime. How long does it take to implement a new CRM?

A: Because our CRM is so easy to use, 95% of customers often go live within a day or maximum within two weeks -- not three or four months like with other CRMs. PipelineDeals is 100% customizable. Plus, there’s no need for extra expenses like engineering resources or third party vendors.

Q: What’s the cost like?

A: Our customer see ROI three times faster than with some other CRM providers (validated by G2 Crowd) because it’s only $1.10 per sales person per day. Some of our customers have seen amazing results including a 300% sales pipeline and deal growth within the first 12 months.

Q: How long does a call typically take?

A: If you wish to see a demo, typically we can do that in just under 30 minutes. If you want to get started, it takes five minutes to sign up. Typical client rollout can happen within 24 hours or a maximum of two weeks.

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