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Grow University The 7 Wonders of PipelineDeals


This class walks through 7 time-saving best practices that often go unnoticed but will make a world of difference in your day-to-day use of PipelineDeals.

  1. Add with Ease.
    • Why? Remove unused fields and simplify the forms when you add new people, deals and companies.
    • Admins: Go to Add/Edit forms in your Account settings and hide fields that your team doesn’t uses regularly.
    • Resources: View the demo from class. Read related articles.
  2. Create and Share Favorite Lists
    • Why? Organize your data the way you like, save it and share them with your team so everyone can benefit from your most helpful filter views.
    • Resources: View the demo from class. Read related articles.
  3. Starred Lists
  4. Excel/Google Sheet Integration
  5. To Do Templates
    • Why? Add repetitive tasks in one click! (And if you have Accelerator-- automate them!)
    • Admins: Set up To Do Templates for your team in your account settings first!
    • Resources:
  6. One View Prospecting
    • Why? Call your prospects, save notes and add follow-up tasks all from one view.
    • Resources: View the demo from class.
  7. Emails in Activities

To make the most of your time, choose at least one strategy and implement it in your business today. Thanks for taking the time to learn with us. We look forward to helping you profitably grow your business. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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