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Grow University Admin Setup for Success


Action Items After You've Watched The Video

  • Customize your deal stages
  • Customize Activity Categories
  • Customize Tags & Statuses
  • Create Custom Fields (for companies, people and deals)
  • Customize Field Ordering
  • Invite New Users
  • Import your Companies, People and Deals CSV spreadsheets
    • Be sure to add in your custom fields as new columns before you import
  • My Profile setup:
    • Overview: Set your primary email. This will be what you use to log into your PipelineDeals account, receive notifications, and if you're on Accelerator, this will also be the email you send from.
    • Email Addresses: Add any other email addresses you use with customers
    • Date/Time: Set your time zone

Resources to Help You Setup For Success

Congratulations. You're off to a great start in being more productive with your PipelineDeals account. Call us at +1 (866) 702-7303 if you have any questions.

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