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What are we releasing?

New PipelineDeals homepage

The Home tab is getting a complete upgrade, giving you the ability to go to one place and know immediately where to focus your day to have the biggest impact on your pipeline. Think of the new Home tab as mission control of your pipeline’s deals. View the frequently asked questions.

The Home tab enables you to see how you are doing and what you should do next by helping you:

  • Focus on Opportunity: Your Pipeline Dollars and Pipeline Deals are highlighted front and center to help you focus your day on what’s important – new revenue opportunities. You can view your own pipeline, or your team’s pipeline if you have permission.
  • Dynamically Track Performance: Pipeline Stats proactively track your performance to ensure you are on top of your game. Pipeline Stats also enable you to quickly compare performance through time.
  • Take Strategic Action: The Home tab shows you your daily agenda, and helps you make smarter decisions about who to contact and when. In addition to Starred Lists, the Home tab encourages follow-up with leads that recently engaged with an email and highlights valuable deals that may be slipping away.

What Changed?

  • Sales Dashboard is moving to the Reports tab.
  • The Agenda is redesigned to be more focused. You can still use the Agenda tab to create any custom lists with your preferred timeframe and view.
  • Recent Activity is moving to the Reports tab.

What’s Missing?

Success Strategies:

  • Add “Expected Close Date” to your deals.
  • Sync your email (if you’re an Accelerator user)
  • Create Starred Lists
  • Schedule To-Dos and Record Activities regularly to keep deals from slipping away.

Other Product Updates:

  • Custom Field Groups: View the Custom Field Groups FAQ
    • All admins should view the quickstart guide to creating custom field groups.
  • Deal Intelligence Columns (available for Accelerator Plan customers): View the Deal Intelligence Columns FAQ
  • iPhone Contact import:
    • Import your contacts into PipelineDeals from your iPhone's contacts!
      Import your contacts into PipelineDeals
    • This update will allow iPhone (and soon Android) customers to bulk-add contacts from your phone's address book into PipelineDeals.
    • Feature highlights include:
      • There is no limit to how many contacts you can import at once (there is a 'select all' option included)
      • There is a link added to your contact's profile in your phone's address book for one-tap access to that contact's PipelineDeals profile
        One-tap access to your contact's PipelineDeals profile
      • You could create duplicate contacts using this import, but there is a indicators that will let you know if someone has already been imported (with a greyed out name - see the screenshot below - plus a warning message)
        Duplicate contacts are greyed out
      • The phone must be on and the app open for the import to complete
      • You can only import one at a time

Thanks for taking the time to learn with us! We look forward to helping you profitably grow your business. Call us at +1 (866) 702-7303 if you have any questions.

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