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Action Items After You've Watched The Video

My Profile set-up: View Help

  • Overview: Set your primary email. This will be what you use to log into your PipelineDeals account, receive notifications, and if you're on Grow, this will also be the email you send from.
  • Email Addresses: Add any other email addresses you use with customers
  • Date/Time: Set your time zone

Practice adding contacts and making notes:

  • Add a deal View Help
  • Add a person to the deal (Add your personal email address to practice!)
  • Add a task “send an email”
  • Send an email View Help
  • Attach a document (use the trackable option if you have Grow enabled)
  • Complete the task
  • Change the deal status
  • Change the deal stage (move up one stage towards being closed)

Practice using List Views: View Help

  • Go to the Deals tab
  • Select the columns box, and select the custom fields to display (assuming you added some)
  • Click and drag a column header to a new location in the list
  • Click on column header for the deal name and sort alphabetically
  • Select the “All Deals” list drop down and select “My Sales Pipeline” list view.
  • Select the stage column header and check all of the stages between lost and won (excluding lost and won so that this will show only active deals in your pipeline).
  • Save As (name the list “My Active Sales Pipeline”)
  • Find the “Share” list option
  • Change your default list view (select the yellow star next to a list in your dropdown menu)
  • Add a task from the Deals tab (must have “next task” column enabled)
  • Complete a task from the Deals tab
  • Add a note (must have “Activities” column enabled)

Integrations to make your life easier:

  • Choose a mail integration that works for you:
  • Google Sync (sync's calendar and contacts)
  • Outlook for PC Add-In (Also syncs contacts and calendar)
  • Download the PipelineDeals app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

Congratulations! You're off to a great start in being more productive with your PipelineDeals account! Call us at +1 (866) 702-7303 if you have any questions.

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